What is Human Growth Hormone?

Growth hormone (GH) is a sequence of 191 amino acids that is synthesised, stored and secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. It is vital in human development and growth. It signals cell reproduction and regeneration, the stimulation of the production of Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) and the break-down of fats via lipolysis. In layman’s terms growth hormone is a long, complicated chain of amino acids that signals muscle, bone, skin and tissue growth/repair and helps with body fat loss.


What happens to growth hormone levels as we age?

As you can guess growth hormone levels decrease with age. After childhood and puberty, the decline in hGH is quite dramatic. By the age of 35 hGH levels are a fraction of what they are at their peak and show a slow steady decline from that point into old age. A decline in growth hormone levels are associated with a loss in muscle mass, increase in fat mass, a decrease in the rate of healing and a plethora of age-related conditions.



How do I increase my growth hormone levels?

There are certain combinations of peptides and drugs that can result in an increase in GH levels, however the most simple, tried and tested method is to take synthetic human growth hormone. This is an artificially synthesised “identical” copy to naturally produced growth hormone. It’s known as Human Growth Hormone (hGH) and/or somatotropin. It’s the type of hGH that we purchase or is prescribed by our doctors or at anti-aging clinics.


What can I expect from taking Growth Hormone?

There are numerous advantages to taking hGH, they include but are not limited to; an increase in muscle mass, a decrease in body fat, an improvement in skin quality and an increased rate of healing.  There is even a 2002 study by AJ Becker demonstrating hGH levels are corelated with a man’s ability to maintain an erection.


What’s the best way to take Growth Hormone?

As with most things in life there is no one best way. There are numerous protocols outlined that tend to focus around; anti-aging, muscle building or fat loss. The truth is any protocol will result in muscle building and fat loss. You can’t (and you wouldn’t want to) isolate those benefits. We can however use protocols skewed toward building more muscle or burning more fat.


Fat loss protocols

Protocols designed for fat loss tend to use lower and more regular doses. A 12-week study by (Kim KR, 1999) showed that a diet restriction and 0.18iu of hGH per kg of body weight per week in nightly injections resulted in a 1.6 times greater fat loss compared to not taking hGH. The group taking hGH also gained on average 2lbs of muscle compared to the group who didn’t take hGH who lost an average of over 5.5lbs of lean mass! As you can see that’s a huge difference. So how much per night do I need to take again I hear you say. If you weight between (77kg, 170lbs or 12 stone) and (116kg, 255lbs or 18 stone 4) that’s 2-3iu per night. This study was repeated in 2001 by (Nam SY). Other anectodical reports suggest great results with 2iu prior to sleep and 2iu in the morning 30 minutes prior to fasted cardio.


Muscle building protocols

There are no in-depth robust scientific studies that have directly been designed around muscle building and hGH use. The proposed mechanism for muscle growth with hGH use is attributed with an increase in the highly anabolic hormone IGF-1. The protocols used to increase muscle mass with hGH use tend to use higher doses with less frequent injections such as 10iu every 2nd day or 15iu every 3rd day.


Putting it all together

Fat loss and anti-aging

Maximal fat loss

Muscle building

Maximal muscle building

2-3iu every night before bed

2iu before bed

2iu in the morning 30 minutes prior to fasted cardio

10iu prior to bed every second day.

15iu prior to bed every third day.


Side effects

There are a few side effects to hGH use, some people get many of them while other people may get none. The side effects disappear as hGH is discontinued. The most common are.

  • Carpel tunnel syndrome, pins in needles in the hands and fingers.
  • Water retention 2-3lbs.
  • An increase in blood glucose.
  • An increase in blood triglycerides.

Of all the side effects the most concerning is an increase in blood glucose however this can be easily circumvented by tasking insulin sensitises such as Berberine and avoiding carbohydrate 2-3 hours prior to and after hGH administration. 


Will hGH make my hands, feet or features grow?

The answer is NO. hGH will only make bones grow in a linear pattern during childhood. After we have stopped growing hGH cannot make us taller or any features grow. If it did, we would be seeing every Mr Olympia wearing size 19 shoes.


Will growth hormone give me cancer?

No there is zero evidence that demonstrates hGH causes cancer or tumor growth.



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